Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 32- Hay Wagon

This morning over breakfast we discuss how to build a horse cart big enough to haul all of the kids back and forth to school.  We have an old truck frame that Husband had planned to turn into a hay wagon.  It's been sitting at the edge of the pasture rusting for the last 5 years.  A proper hay wagon would work much better to haul hay than our current horse cart as well.

Unfortunately though, it would be big and heavy.  Our horses aren't that big.  Husband decides to just take the axles off the frame.  The boys and I cut small trees and build a platform somewhat resembling a raft.  It's thinner than the axles, just wide enough to hold a bale of hay, but long enough to hold 5 bales.  We cut more trees and notch them out to create a fence type of side that we can lift off in three pieces.  We build a bench from logs for the driver.  The kids will have to sit on the platform.  We cut and trim logs for skis- winter is coming.

Husband uses his torches to cut the axles loose.  The tires are garbage though, so we debate what to use.  We decide to use the tires from the Yukon.  It means we won't be able to drive the Yukon again without replacing the tires and rims, but who knows if we're ever going to be able to drive it again anyway.

Husband and the Bigs build a yoke from logs.

At the end of the day it looks pretty good.  Tomorrow we'll test it out and see if the horses can handle it.

Meatloaf for supper, followed by an evening of cards.

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